Enhance your skill set with these PR and Marketing basics

You’re already a pro at what you do.

But the thing with people is, we always want more. When it comes to professional development, that’s always a good thing.

Lifelong learning, as a concept, is increasingly becoming a lifestyle trend among ambitious professionals around the world. If you’re looking to expand your client offering, these PR and Marketing basics could help.

Not sure if you have what it takes?

PAs and PR and Marketing pros have a lot in common. They’re solution-driven, incredibly organised, and love bringing value to their clients. To upgrade your skill set and add a couple of new feathers to your hat, here are some PR and Marketing basics to get you started.

Keep an eye out for coverage opportunities in publications

The next time you’re scanning a newspaper or magazine, look out for potential coverage opportunities. Coverage is when a brand or individual you’re representing is featured by the media. Securing a speaking opportunity, print interview opportunity, or a slot on a podcast will bring greater visibility to your client, enriching their public image, as a result.

Don’t let those creative ideas fly away, make a note of them

If creative “aha” moments are always hitting you, remember to pen them down. These creative ideas, with some tweaking and strategising, could bring value to your client’s digital presence. As you deepen your knowledge of PR and Marketing, your creativity will align with common industry goals.

Nail your bio writing skills

Do you already know how to write or edit a killer CV?

If you do, you’ve already got the skills you’ll need to polish your bio writing skills. A spokesperson biography is an asset that goes into a client’s press kit. A press kit is a folder that contains all the key information the media would need about an individual or brand representative. All you need to write a powerful spokesperson bio is to put your client in the spotlight. Highlight their current role and responsibilities, their professional accomplishments and background, and their qualifications. It’s worth keeping in mind that your spokesperson bio should present your client in a way that sparks the media’s interest and entices them to interview your client on their platform.

Explore social media to learn what works and what doesn’t

You’ll always find PR and Marketing wizards perpetually skimming through their social feeds for new information. Keep a close eye on the three Cs of social media: content creation, caption writing, and catchy hashtags. Each plays a vital role in an account’s journey to gaining higher impressions. To make sure you stay on track, put together a visual calendar that lays out your content posting schedule for a certain time duration, also referred to as a content calendar by Marketing pros.

Grow your network to include PR and Marketing contacts

The PR world is all for 30-second elevator pitches – but a story sells faster when you’ve got the right contacts to drive it. Adding PR and Marketing names to your Little Black Book of communications could come in handy when your company hopes to pitch to existing and potential clients to the media. Brush up on your people skills, work towards expanding your LinkedIn circles, and contribute to conversations on social media. After all, your network is your net worth.

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