Top tips for stress-free Christmas shopping

Top tips for stress-free Christmas shopping

Ah, Christmas shopping, such a key part of the festive season, and with such nostalgic memories of festive shoppers in high spirits buying presents for the people they love…

But when you take off those rose-tinted glasses, you no doubt find that actually Christmas shopping requires trying to get out of work early, or taking a day off; spending half the day in your car trying to get to the mall, then trying to get a parking space, and the rest of the day/evening jostling arms with other equally frustrated shoppers and waiting in queues at the counter. Then there’s the fleet of hustling sales personnel, with their ‘ma’am/sir’ greetings and promises of Dubai Shopping Festival deals and promotions. You come away stressed and exhausted but pleased with your purchases, only to find that these gifts from your favourite stores in the mall, were also popular with others and your recipient now has several of the same items!

It doesn’t have to be like that, the Internet has evolved the way we shop, giving us so much more opportunity and flexibility and making it so much easier.

There is an infinite army of online stores selling you a plethora of different gifts for just about any occasion, meaning that you have a huge array of options to choose from to suit your preference, no matter how exotic, and your budget, no matter how limited. Plus it means you don’t have give up so much of your valuable time at such a busy time of year. It is much more convenient as you can do it from virtually anywhere at any point in time – you could be in the middle of a boring meeting, riding the Metro, on a tea break at the office, or just chilling at home.

Just keep in mind these three cardinal rules when you set out on your big Christmas shopping spree on the information expressway.

  1. Details matter

A detailed product description needs to be provided by the site with key features. They need to be explicit about whether they sell direct or act as a medium between you and other suppliers. You need to be provided information on how your merchandise will be packed and delivered, whether any other costs are involved aside from what’s mentioned on the site, the time frame for delivery, and the policy for canceling an order. They should also provide a guarantee for the delivery time.

  1. Return policy

When buying merchandise from a shopping portal, they should hold a clause for returning the goods if you are not satisfied with them at the time of delivery. All reputed sites provide a time window within which you can return the merchandise in case you find the merchandise faulty or not meeting your requirements.

  1. Security is key

Despite being a world of convenience, when you go online, you do associate yourself with a certain amount of risk from people who want to try and scam you. Make sure the site is original and operates on an https-based payment platform that protects you from online theft and identity theft.

So now you know how to do it, we’ll also show where you can do it. We found this great list of international stores that deliver to the UAE, so if you’re looking for some unique goodies to gift your loved ones this holiday season, check some of these out:

Happy shopping!