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Do you need a Dubai Concierge?


No, this isn’t a post for the tourists; a concierge can be incredibly useful to all residents of Dubai, whether…
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6 Tips To Boost Productivity Through Effective Diary Management!


Diary management is a critical aspect of working efficiently. The optimization of your daily schedule can provide endless opportunities to…
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How Can An Administrative Assistant Help You With Your Small Business?


As a small business owner or startup, your work is never done, the to do list seems endless and the…
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3 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Make Networking Easier For You


Did you know 85 percent of job vacancies are filled through networking, according to a report compiled by Great Business…
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4 Time Management Tips To Crack Your To-Do List


Time management is the cornerstone to success. Tying up loose ends and getting your daily tasks done within deadline is…
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4 Tips on Having a Happy Intern


Summer is here, which means it’s intern season. Make the right impression and help inspire young minds by giving your…
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4 Tips to Stay Productive in the Summer


If the summer slump has kicked in, here are some handy tips to help you optimize your productivity and excel…
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4 Ways to Cut Costs as a Small Business Owner


From rent to water solutions, the smallest change can have the biggest impact when you’re a start up entrepreneur on…
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4 Office Tech Innovations to get Excited About


With modern offices embracing internal changes like hot desking and nap pods, here are some subtle yet stylish additions you…
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4 Quirky Places to Work Out of the Office in Dubai


Working out of the office, in addition to being a nice change of scenery, can have a positive impact on…
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