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Four Tips for Entertaining Business Visitors in Dubai


When business clients come visiting and you have a day or two to spare to show them around Dubai, you…
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Work Life Balance


In today’s climate, achieving a healthy work-life balance can seem an impossible goal to achieve. The advent of technology has…
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How to host a corporate Iftar or Suhoor


Whilst it may not seem it at first, Ramadan is a great opportunity to develop your business relationships. It’s a…
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3 tips on getting things done this Ramadan


Ramadan is here and with it comes shorter business hours. If you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the…
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5 Best Coffee Shops to Work From In Dubai


At some point, every professional needs a break from the cold confines of the office building. Dubai offers a number…
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4 Top Tips to Create Amazing PowerPoint Presentations


We’ve all sat through those dull PowerPoint slideshows, it’s almost enough to make you wary of using the software for…
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5 Tips for Better Filing and Document Management


Once a proper filing system is established, filing your documents well so that you don’t waste time searching is quick…
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5 tips to maintaining the New Year resolutions – Keep going!!


As January continues to fly by, how are all those hopes and resolutions for 2017 holding up? It’s around now…
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6 Tips To Boost Productivity Through Effective Diary Management!


Diary management is a critical aspect of working efficiently. The optimization of your daily schedule can provide endless opportunities to…
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Give yourself a stress-free Christmas this year!


Wouldn’t that be the best present for you and your loved ones?! We all know that the holidays are a…
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