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3 Tips to create a good password


The establishment of World Password Day on 4th May is a great initiative, serving as a reminder to us that…
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How to Manage an Assistant


While the hiring of a virtual personal assistant can free up your day, the burden is on you to allocate…
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3 Tips to Improve Telephone Sales


On International Telephone Day, it’s time to pause our emailing, social media, web conferences and smartphone app downloads for a…
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4 Ways to Make Your Office More Energy Efficient


As we rapidly approach Earth Day, we’re seeing more and more stories around energy efficiency, reducing carbon footprint and going…
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3 Ideas for a Business Lunch in Dubai


With the explosion of social media, and our increasing need for connection and personalization, most businesses are realizing that the…
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4 Tips to Lower Stress at Work


By its very nature, our work naturally causes us stress, whether in isolated minutes or hours, every job has its…
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Have you backed up your business information?


With World Backup Day falling this Friday, we thought we’d look at this simple little administrative task that can save…
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4 Top Tips to Create Amazing PowerPoint Presentations


We’ve all sat through those dull PowerPoint slideshows, it’s almost enough to make you wary of using the software for…
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5 Tips for Better Filing and Document Management


Once a proper filing system is established, filing your documents well so that you don’t waste time searching is quick…
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#BeBoldForChange on International Women’s Day 2017


As people around the world celebrate the achievements of women for International Women’s Day this week, we wanted to recognise…
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